Straight Women Touch Each Other’s Va-jay-jays

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Yeah, because they don't know what one feels like..

Every woman, at least one time or another, will have her vajayjay felt up by someone. That someone could be herself, a partner, or even the gynecologist. But not all women can say they know what other ladies’ bits look or feel like. I know when I first started watching adult films, I was amazed at how different every woman’s parts were. Crazily, I thought they all looked the same or were at least similar. Boy, was I wrong.

The good people over at Freakin’ Original rounded up a few straight women to give them an experience they probably would’ve never tried on their own. These straight women touched another straight woman’s vag for the first time.

There were a lot of mixed feelings going into the social experiment. One lady felt, “scared and excited” while another wasn’t nervous but had “no feeling about touching her.” The vajayjay volunteer was very willing and confident in letting the women feel her up.

Straight Women Touch Each Other's Va-jay-jays featured

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So, what happens when a heterosexual woman touches another heterosexual woman's vajayjay? Take a look...