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Student Sues School after Teacher Trades Xbox for Sexual Relations

Mar 2, 2016 at 12:35 pm |

Is she nasty or nice?

A substitute teacher is being investigated after allegedly bribing and drugging her students to seduce them.

Michelle Yeh was working as a substitute teacher at San Pedro High school when she allegedly gave male students Xbox’s and money, and took them to the movies before engaging in sexual relations. She is being accused of having relations with two minors and molesting two others.

One of the allegations is that Yeh got it on with one of the boys on school property while she was his 10th grade Biology teacher.

Student Sues School After Teacher Trades Xbox For Sex feat

Source: YouTube/TomoNews US

She bought they boys video games, b-ball shoes, and them on trips to get them in bed…

"She started rubbing my face, calling me cute, handsome. She started kissing me and from there we had sex," says one of her underaged victims.
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